Excellence Therapy test papers are most usually different decision papers. The understudy has four potential solutions to look over per question and they are permitted to pick only one. Subsequently there is no wiggle room.

While updating for Beauty Therapy tests beauty it is prudent to utilize different decision modification questions. This empowers the understudy to get comfortable with the design of the test paper which better sets them up for their tests.

A portion of the areas remembered for Beauty Therapy incorporate;
– Facial Treatments
– Hair Removal Techniques
– Make Up
– Nail treatment and Pedicure
– Body Massage

In view of how much data that should be covered, an enormous arrangement of update questions is expected to get ready for test achievement. A few models include:

01. Glycerine is best utilized for;
a) Young skin
b) Dry skin – Answer
c) Oily skin
d) Sensitive skin

02. What muscle opens the upper eyelid?
a) Levator palpebrae – Answer
b) Masseter
c) Orbicularis oculi
d) Sternocleidomastoid

03. What is the external layer of the hair called?
a) Medulla
b) Follicle
c) Cortex
d) Cuticle – Answer

04. The wrist bones are known as;
a) Phalanges
b) Metacarpals
c) Tarsals