The verdict The OnePlus Nord CE is without doubt the most impressive company s latest mid-budget smartphone which delivers a good software experience and decent specs at an extremely affordable price. However, like most smartphones in its class it lacks some key features found on its competitors. For example the camera is not as impressive as it should be and in many ways actually lacks some key features. Another thing is that it has quite poor battery life but luckily has a fast charging system. The camera is just average really and misses out on some key features often found in competing smartphones.

Oneplus Nokia E71 Plus – One of the best oneplus nord ce mid-budget smartphones in the UK today The Oneplus Nokia E71 Plus comes with an attractive metallic body with curved edges and looks very much like the iPhone 4S. It comes with a high quality LCD screen which is quite clear and easy to use for video calling or downloading your songs. The phone also comes with a nice slot for SIM card which is a plus point for those who want to use more than one sim card. The Oneplus phones are made using a capacitive screen which means that you can use it easily with just one finger and also a lot easier on the keys for typing. The Oneplus Nord CE comes with a standard battery life but if you use it for a longer time you will notice a decrease in performance.

HTC Desire HD – A nice mid-budget smartphone from HTC The HTC Desire HD is another phone which was released in pre-order form in the summer. Like many others the Desire HD is based on the Windows XP platform and also comes with a nice pre-installed operating system (Vista). The HTC Desire HD comes with a standard size screen and comes with either a HD or QHD screen, the latter is said to be a better resolution than the standard size. Despite this it does not come with as many features as the ones found in the higher priced models.

Motorola Ignite – The next mid-range smartphone from Motorola which is currently being sold in pre-order form comes with a nice software experience for its users. With an attractive interface the Ignite packs a powerful hardware engine in a thin body which is quite impressive. If you are looking for an affordable price in an efficient package, then the Motorola Ignite could be a good choice for you. The phone comes with a decent amount of memory which should allow you to store plenty of pictures and other files which you want to share with friends.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc – The other smartphone in the Oneplus Nordic series is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc. This model comes with a similar design to the Oneplus NEX series but with an even larger screen size of 1500 pixels giving it a proportionate feel when held by the users. As the name suggests the handset comes in silver with a metallic look about it which gives it an appealing look. It also has a weight of just less than five ounces and has a high quality audio system and speaker included which completes the package.

When it comes to the camera part of the Oneplus devices it has both digital and optical zoom so depending on your need you can either use the built-in camera or get an external camera module for it. The camera itself is quite impressive with a sixteen megapixel camera which takes good images in a good lighting condition even in the dimly lit outdoor setting. If you want to go all out, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and get professional results which would definitely make this phone worth considering for a good photography feature. For a more affordable option which offers high performance, yet is stylish in appearance, the Nokiaixels and HTC StrTrk are two phones that you might want to consider.